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Taking Mom to Lunch - My mother is 82, though she looks much younger, a fact of which she is quite proud.

For Women Dating is an Ageless Activity - Recently, I spoke to college women about dating at the Women's Image Conference at Sacred Heart University in CT.

The Human Mind Cannot Comprehend an Infinite God - Often when one asks a question of a religious leader for which that religious leader has not a clue; they will often state that the Human mind cannot comprehend the mighty and powerful or infinite God? Hey that?s a good one isn?t it, it lets them.

Snow in July - Snow in July.

How To Spring Clean Your Life - Outside the buds are experiencing a rebirth and the tulips are welcoming spring with their annual sense of renewal but inside your home it may be a totally different story.

Readers of Romance Novels Have Better Sex Lives - 
According to BusinessWeek, every 5 seconds someone buys a romance novel.

The Ungiven Gift - He was pencil thin and walked with a limp.

Make Time For the Relationships In Your Life - Most of us today are very, very busy.

Living Your Truth How To Stop Worrying What Others Might Think Of You - Often when we feel pain, it is because we live in fear.

Human Sexual Behavior A Tautology of Unreasonableness - Recently, there was a popular radio talkshow host who stated over the national airwaves that there are about 5,000 eligible bachelors seeking continual sexual companionship in the greater Chicago area.

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