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Snow in July

Snow in July. Sun in September. The climate has gone mad.

The world has gone mad? Melting ice caps, extreme weather conditions and freezing temperatures in Russia. Send up the white flag. There has been a collective 'jumping on the bandwagon' phenomenon in relation to global warming over the past two or three decades.

Allow me to paint a brief picture. A "scientist" (please note the absence of important pre-fixes such as "well-known", "respected" and "highly regarded" to this word) states that emissions of greenhouse gases from human sources are causing the climate to warm. The target audience (i.e. the general public) make the following rough associations ? a) the scientists say the climate is warming due to human related greenhouse gas emissions, b) yes, it is a bit warmer, we can grow bananas now and c) radical environmentalists are making claims that humans are destroying the future of the earth.

And before you can say carbon dioxide, normally reasonably minded people are demonstrating lemming-like qualities of fellowship and are making apocalyptic Nostradamus-esque predictions of doom.Now call me Einstein, but it just occurred to me that the very nature of our climate is changeable. Haven't we always experienced the devastation of hurricanes, flooding and tornadoes? In October 1851, Limerick City experienced a T4 Tornado.1 For clarity sake, a T4 tornado is described as a "severe tornado?(which can result in) motor cars elevated, mobile homes airborne, sheds airborne for considerable seconds?." 2 1851 was not only a long time ago, it was a long time before the current global warming debate.Reasonable doubt is a term familiar to all of us in a courtroom context.

Is it possible that, if presented with facts and a convincing argument, one could have a reasonable doubt that global warming has been caused solely by human extravagance? Allow me to present these facts and an argument.Now for the technical jargon. "? the earth was evidently coming out of a relatively cold period in the 1800's so that warming in the past century may be part of this natural recovery.

" This quote from Dr. John R. Christy, an atmospheric science expert from the University of Alabama in Huntsville3 sets the scene nicely. Is it possible that the earth is currently in a natural warm period due to climate cycles? Climate cycles are extremely complex and are caused for a number of reasons.

These cycles include 11 and 206 year cycles due to solar variability, 21,000 year cycles due to a combination of the earth's tilt and rotation around the sun, 41,000 year cycles due a 1.5% wobble variability in the earth's rotation and 100,000 year cycles caused by variations by the earth's elliptical orbit4. In addition to aforementioned cycles, there are a number of other factors that can influence natural climate change. These include landmass distribution and undersea ridge activity which can both affect sea levels and currents4. Sea levels act as a form of regulator for the earth's temperature.

Common opinion would seem to indicate that the earth is currently experiencing its' warmest period in history. Not true. The earths' warmest period, the Holocene Maximum, occurred approximately 7500 to 4000 years BP (before present)4. Also, the temperature of the earth in 900 AD approximately matches our current temperatures5. Now, unless our distant ancestors were secretly burning large amounts of fossil fuels on a massive scale and forget to tell us about it, this fact seems to ridicule the 'global warming caused by the industrial revolution' theory.Convinced? Just to rub it in a little, the following quote is taken from the National Centre for Policy Analysis: "While atmospheric carbon dioxide has increased by 28 percent over the past 150 years, human-generated carbon dioxide ?played only a small part? since most of the warming occurred prior to 1940 - before most human-caused carbon dioxide emissions"6 If not convinced, please admit to a reasonable doubt.

If still the reasonable doubt is lacking, you may be required to sit a lie detector test, in a straightjacket, in a padded room, with monkeys?.Environmentalism, together with its' preachers and supporters, is essential in modern society to administer control and caution in the protection and preservation of our natural environment and climate. Radical environmentalism, or the type of environmentalism that scares people into responses, is not welcome. What is needed is clearly developed theories and hard facts.

It is about time that the public learned how to choose which stories to believe.


By: Robert Keran


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