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The Hottest Summer Shoe Trends

The flip-flop is a much-loved summer staple, but unless your career keeps you poolside, you'll need to supplement your wardrobe with other slightly more practical options. From warm weather booties to chic d'Orsays pumps, here are the shoes to wear right now.

  • 10 Pairs of "Ugly Sandals" Under $50
  • The Best Low-Heeled Sandals for Summer

Well, What Kinds of Things Can You Do With an iPad?

Too many people put the kibosh on the iPad even before they saw what it could do. This list of software should put the kibosh on that there kibosh.

  • What is iWork All About?
  • Well, Office for iPad is Here. Was it Worth the Wait?

Summer Swimsuit Guide: 12 Hot Trends to Try

Not only did we find the cutest styles to rock by the pool, beach, and boardwalk, but we got Jenny Altman (Aerie's Style & Fit Expert) to share her ultimate swimsuit shopping tips. Browse our favorite finds.

  • 5 Fabulous Swim Pieces For Busty Babes
  • 5 Celebrity Swimsuits from the 1950s
  • 8 Stylish Swim Covers For Summer

Beginner Lessons for Any iPad User

Don't give me the old, "I'm an experienced iPad user and I already know how to use it. So hand over your wallet." I'm not falling for that again.

  • If You Are Totally New to the iPad, Start Here
  • Make a New iPad YOUR iPad

You Don't Have to Suffer from 'Summer Brain Drain'

With all the barbecues, pool parties, and beach vacations, it's easy to "check out" during the warm summer months. But studies show this decline in enriched learning activities can have a profound effect on students once they're back in the classroom. With this list of ways to stop summer brain drain, we promise you can still have fun (and learn something) in the sun.

  • 6 Outdoor Summer Learning Ideas
  • Do You Know the Truth About These Brain Myths?
  • The Best Brain Foods to Start Your Day

7 Ways to Wear Denim Shorts This Summer

Are you shopping for a new pair of jean shorts (aka "jorts") to wear this summer? Look fashionable while you stay cool this summer with these seven options.

  • 10 Must-Have Trends for Summer 2014
  • Trendy Tropical Finds for Girls

Celebrate the Sunshine

As far as we're concerned, more sunlight means more time for outdoor concerts, block parties, and evening out that funky tan line you got Memorial Day weekend. Here's where to go.

  • A Can't-Miss Paris Music Fest
  • Summer Solstice Festivals in Greece

  • How to Know If Your Child Should Go to Summer School

    If you're considering summer school programs, it's probably because someone suggested it or because you really want your son or daughter to get a head start next year. But deciding whether summer school is right for your child is a big decision — and it's not the right choice for everyone.

    • Should School Just Be Year Round?
    • The Best Summer Plans for College-Bound Students

    I'm Tired of Working, I Wanna Rock Out

    Well, I think rock out might be a little above what I can do anymore. I might be able to rock a little bit or sway some. I might even hum a little ditty. I could definitely nap a long time. So, what were we talking about? Oh, music on the iPad.

    • How to Connect Your iPad to Your TV
    • How to Watch TV on Your iPad
    • Best Apps for Streaming Video on the iPad

    How to Keep Kids Reading This Summer

    Want to know the top secret trick to getting your kids to read this summer? There isn't one! But these carefully curated summer reading lists have something for every kind of young reader — from elementary school students to recent high school graduates — and even those who are a little more reluctant than others.

    • 10 Funny Books for Middle School Boys
    • 10 Modern Fairy Tales Teen Girls Will Love
    • 10 Quick Books Perfect for a Reluctant Reader

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