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What is Aroma Therapy?

The word "Aromatherapy" conjures up images of people magically allevia.

Aromatherapy reduces stress, enhance relaxation and complexion. Besides healing you emotionally, aromatherapy can also treat skin irritation and eliminate stomachaches. By all means, assimilating aromatherapy into your life can improve your overall health physically and psychologically.

Aromatherapy is a healing art, which uses the essential oils or aromatic plants, trees and flowers to endorse heath of body and tranquility of mind.

The essential oil scent in our everyday life is an ingredient of enjoyment. These essential oils bring characteristics smell and flavor to plants. When we smell the delightful aroma of jasmine flowers in the early evening, open a cedar wood box and gasp its woody smell or add the zest of a lemon to a drink, itís the essential oil that we are enjoying.

Essential oils can be extracted from petals, leaves, roots, bark, rind, seeds, and even the bulbs of a plant, and each plant can produce more than one essential o8il. Like the orange tree, it produces three different scents of essences, each with distinct medicinal properties- from the flowers we have neroli, the leaves we have petitgrain, and from the rind of the fruit, we have the orange oil.

The human body is about to distinguish one scent from another, thus the reason why aromatherapy works. The parts of the brain which involves our emotions and hormones are triggered by the olfactory nerve when we smell a pleasant or unpleasant scent, this is the reason why we feel relaxed when we smell the scent of lavender, and disgusted when we smell something bad. Same reasons goes for when we use scented oils in our baths or when we use it in our massage oils, through physical contact with the essential oils, our body absorbs it through the skin and the effect of the oil spins into action, relaxing our body and muscles together.

Most essential oils in the market are steamed distilled, and this is also the most common way to extract essential oils from plants, but not all plants contain essential oils and not all oils can be extracted by steamed distilled. Some, like the citrus oils from orange and limes, are cold pressed. Usage of essential oils are far from than pure relaxation for the body and mind, it can be antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and even used as a pain reliever.

Since essential oils are very concentrated, a drop can last you a very long time. Applying essential oils directly to the skin can cause irritation, so many people use a carrier oil (such as safflower, grape-seed, or sweet almond oil) that helps dilute the product and make it soothing and not as over powering.

Essential-oil blends also allow you to convert the desired fragrance and/or therapeutic effect. "Different people get different things out of the oils, so you have to find what works best for your system," says Rocca-Lundstrom.

People nowadays concentrate greatly on their own well-being. They seek many ways to improve themselves as individuals mentally and physically. Aromatherapy can definitely help you to calm your stress, reach higher level of unity between your body and your mind. It also enhances your five senses.

Relaxing Scents

         Atlas cedar



         Clary sage




         Sweet marjoram



         Rose geranium




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