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A Little Kindness Goes Along Way

No matter where you go, someone's going to make you mad. That's just the way it goes. Welcome to life, right? Of course, it's part of nature's way of showing everyone that life isn't a bed of roses.

People can be so rude and vagabondish that it can sometimes be ridiculous.I travel quite frequently across America. I love America. I love all of the towns that I visit. Sometimes, you're just going to encounter that person that doesn't like you.

This has happened to me on numerous occasions. I find it quite funny. I consider myself average looking, nice guy, real polite, and pleasant to be around. Could it be that I have "one of those faces?" I say that jokingly, but it's true.

Have you ever encountered someone that you just didn't like, for no apparant reason? Of course you have, everyone has.I was in the South last year, visiting my family there. I stayed at an RV park that was out in the country. It wasn't very spacious, but it was nice. I was barbecuing, minding my own business and the owner of the place asked me to leave.

I'm not going to disclose his name or the name of the RV park, because I'm not that kind of guy. Simply put, the guy just didn't like me. I thought about going on an internet crusade to tell the world what kind of business this guy ran, but I didn't.

I let it go. I figured that if he would do it to me, a somewhat noted personality, it was a hopeless case.I give the above example to state that: It's going to happen.

People are going to make you mad. How are you going to respond to the next person that offends you? In America, you have to act in a civilized manner with everyone, or you're suppose to. The next time someone insults you, call them by their name in a polite manner.

Address them as Mr. or Mrs. and simply state, "How have I offended you?" In most cases, if you weren't doing anything wrong, they won't know how to respond.The message of this article is to just show tolerance and respect for one another. You never know who you may be talking to. That person may be a celebrity or a relative to the President.

You just never know what doors may open for you by being kind. You also will never know what doors just closed for you by being cruel.

.Jeffery S. Miller is the author of Higgins: An American Story. He invites you to visit his website http://www.

freewebs.com/jefferysmiller. While there, browse around and sign his guestbook and if you'd like, pick up a copy of Higgins. Miller is a published author, national award winner, former talk show host, inventor, and retired professional wrestler.

By: Jeffery S. Miller


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