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What do Successful People have in Common

(1) Successful people are fast in analyzing situations and making immediate decisions. (2) Successful people think before they act.( 3) Successful people consider consequences and possible solutions to any action they are about to take. (4) Successful people do not fear risk, on the contrary they use risk as a tool to reach where others cannot reach.( 5) Successful people never quit, they hunger and thirst for success. (7) Successful people are persistent even if what they believe in seems impossible.

(8) Successful people do not believe in failure. Failure is a sign that there is a mistake along the line that needs to be corrected for success to happen.( 9) Successful people believe in their capabilities, and dynamism.

Successful people are generous and share their knowledge with others(10), and love to see averyone around them succeed (11) Successful people know that the journey to success has a price to pay and so they prepare themselves for that price. (12) Successful people are non conformists they never, never follow the path of everybody. Each and every one of them has a secret path created for himself. (13) Successful people use just 1/10th of acquired knowledge on their path to success.

That is why acquired knowledge is not a major prerequisite to success.(14) Successful people use general knowledge (common sense) in every step on their journey to success. (15) Successful people surround themselves with like minded people.

(16) Successful people are very intuitive, discerning, and positive about the next day but living for today. (17) Successful people succeed where others fail, and they never fail from trying again and again. (18) Successful people do everything to learn whatever could contribute to their success.

(19) Successful people could make something out of nothing. Take away a million from a successful man and he will make two, but give two million o an unsuccessful man and he will have non left in a very short time (20) Successful peole are very creative and are successful.(21)The thought of a successful man are very deep down in him in a way that his physical appearance cannot reveal. There is wealth for everyone on this website but if you are full of doubt, and your mind is not tuned to successful thinking you will go out the way you came in, make a good chice now.

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By: Emmanuel Mallo


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