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Unveiling the Mystery behind Mens Beauty Dating Advice for Men

Man's eternal search for looking young and attractive is present from time immemorial. In modern times however, it has taken a giant leap forward like never before. The concept of Beauty encompasses not only use of cosmetics, but also a whole gamut of ancillary services from hair, skin, garments, shoes, jewelry and the list goes on. The whole range makes a trillion dollar industry worldwide.

People, both men and women are going all out spending amazing kind of money in salons and parlors, irrespective of whether it is a friendly neighborhood salon or one run by a mega corporate giant. All this to look younger, look better for their own satisfaction as well for the sake of those around them, so that others see them as they want to be seen. Attraction and beauty becomes all the more important, because they are inseparable concepts when looking for a dating partner.People who are very strict in their idea that beauty is only skin deep or true beauty lies within may think the concept of enhancing outer beauty a bit presumptuous. Acceptance or rejection of a dating partner based on looks alone is undoubtedly cruel, but it's a fact of life and sooner we accept it the better it is. Irrespective of your gender and irrespective of your status of a novice or a veteran in the dating scene, I feel that it is a heart-rending topic for discussion.

The heavy emphasis on looks and attractiveness may seem unjustified for you but nevertheless it exists and you can neither evade it nor ignore it. And all this, despite the world-wide liberalization, movements against racial discrimination, fight against religious oppression and overall modernization of world culture in entirety. One would naturally presume that such narrow-minded approach to another human being as because genetically he has not inherited the Adonis looks, is to my mind grossly unfavorable.

The fact of the matter is that when it comes to choosing a dating partner, what grabs our attention, first and foremost, are the looks. Most of us will deny this. There are far more profound qualities ? like strength of character, sensitivity, cultured mind, commonality of interest areas, so on and so forth will emerge as the criteria of selection.

In reality however, we seem to dwell only on the first hand appearance of a person.Even extensive research has shown that people make the first choice based on looks and it is those looks which create the first impression. This is because of our tutored mind, which over the years have been conditioned by TV, magazines and other media who have created certain "role models" in our minds. These celebrity looks have been entrenched in our psyche so much that all of us want to be a duplicate of Naomi Campbell or Brad Pitt.

These genetically fortunate and media-highlighted personalities have shaped our minds completely. While our rational mind tells us that these are distant dreams and we should not chase a mirage throughout our fruitful years ? I believe that there are many steps we can take to improve our appearance and measures which cover up our flaws and warts and make us naturally beautiful and attractive.So as first step, where should you start? First, you must be your own best friend. By this I mean, you should be completely happy with yourself, the way you are. This particular aspect in one's character, shows up as confidence and high level of self-esteem, which in turn makes one very sexy and attractive especially to a dating partner.

Of course, you should not stop at this. Look at what modern cosmetic research and development has done for us. From laser surgery to perk up your nose to the shampoo for the most obstinate hair, its all there for you to choose from.

Hair re-growth products, skin toners and specialty make up tools for day and night ? the plethora of options is indeed mind-boggling. Then comes your wardrobe. What are you wearing? Of course something that makes you comfortable, but are you turning up to meet your date in you "favorite" rag-jeans which you picked up in the '80s? Think, may be the contents of your wardrobe would suit better for donation for philanthropic purposes ! Go for a full overhauling. Because if you look good, you feel good and all this shows up in your face and personality. Then comes your body beautiful. Work out to keep it in shape.

You don't have to look like Sylvester Stallone, but a regular exercise regimen keeps you fit, both mentally and physically.Clinical psychologists confirm that men look for beauty for short-term relationships while it becomes secondary when he is looking for a committed partner. Be that as it may, remember it is ultimately that much-coveted sex appeal which lands you at the right place with the right person of your choice. Beauty, looks, outward appearance all these are very relevant when you are just entering the dating scenario, especially with amazing opportunities opening up through on-line dating etc.

All of us want someone to like us for the right reasons, but you just cant help the human nature of falling for "beauty" first. Never mind if you are not Julia Roberts or Pierce Brosnan, you can give it your best shot, to look the best you can.

.Joshua Goh is dating & relationship expert. His desire is to motivate and support single men, women and couples to overcome the obstacles preventing them from attaining the loving relationships and lives they really want. For more information please visit our site for up-to-date dating services reviews and practical online dating tips & ideas.

By: Joshua Goh


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