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UNICEF Gives Hope to People of Palestine

Education is a "perpetuum mobile" of progress and highly developed post-industrial countries. For people in such countries education is taken for granted but it is a privilege for those who are citizen of the countries of the third world. Half-destroyed by wars, corruption, military and terrorist confrontation, these countries do not have either possibility or desire to establish solid educational system and take care of poor people living in wooden huts. Gaza is a world famous region that is called a powder keg for constant problems that occur there. Striking sensations about terrorist acts assassination or explosion are no longer so shocking.

This country currently is built on ideological and political conflicts.The organization under the authority of the UN called UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) figured out the number of children living in this region. Nearly 70,000 of young people are left to grow in a hut and die of a malady or hunger or because of another terrorist act. To evaluate the level of education in this very region, officials of the UNICEF held a math test that showed results that are not very promising.

The rate of educated individuals places Palestine at the bottom of the list of countries. The reasons for low percentage of educated people are limited access to education and lack of necessary supplies. The number of educated citizen in Palestine is only 30% out of 100.

And this figure is decreasing due to constant state of war where Palestine suffers a big loss of young men. Another reason is a strict prohibition for ladies and girls to study at school.According to the law no woman must excel a man in power or intellect.

This is a part of the Sacred Law of Muslim called Koran and an individual that violates the law given from above will be punished accordingly. But the desire of freedom and peace that lives inside every patriot, made some women venture their lives and status and get education to help the country to get out of the state of demolition. Lack of supplies is a problem where people lack food. The UN is trying to organize various aid-kits that are destined to improve the situation and give hope fro those who still have it.

Country suffers an obvious lack of professionals and facilities. None of the buildings in Gaza seems secure and will never be during the war. Every day brings destruction and takes the last drops of hope away. Children of Al Mawasi and Juhr Edeek are going to get packages with clothes, school supplies and toys these children have never seen before.Frustrating fact is the ignorance of those who live a wealthy life, pity poor Muslim people and think that this problem is far enough not to become a concern.

People go to school, to work to have fun without thinking about how many people were killed today. The truth is that reality is harsh and every day we have to face and fight our own demons. No one feels secure about their lives and no one gives a thought about somebody's. Our only hope is that the UN or the UNICEF will return the hope of people of Palestine back to them.

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By: Daniel Hunt


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