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TwentyFive Things You Dont Know About Behavior Management Part

16. There are no instant fixes. No matter what Dr. H.

'Andin Urpoket tells you, there is nothing you can do that will immediately cure maladaptive behavior.You may trust me on this one. If there were a "fix" for all behavior problems, I would have found it by now. Then I would have written a book about it and sold it on Oprah.

Anyone who tells you they have the solution to every behavior problem is telling you a lie. Nothing works in every case. Some people respond to affection. Some people respond to reason.

Some people respond to inspiration. No one person has THE key to EVERYONE'S maladaptive behavior.I have been in this field for many years.

If there is one thing I have learned, it is every type of lock has a different type of key.17. The more information you have about a person, the greatly the likelihood you will be able to influence their behavior.Furthermore, the broader the range of information, the better it is for you. In the business community it is not only important to know how well the person "does their job.

" It is also important to know how the person functions outside the work environment.The same is true for the education field. The more data you have about your student, the greater the likelihood you will be able to effectively influence their behavior.

18. Although process and innovation driven intervention techniques are not mutually exclusive, it may be more prudent to utilize process models.I say this for a simple reason. It is easier to justify actions taken based on the process model than it is to justify those from the innovation model.

19. You are not the first person who has had to deal with behavior management. Read everything you can find on the subject. Pick out the parts you like. Compile those parts you like into a standard strategies pack and use them.

The amount of work that has been done on motivation, responsibility, impulsivity and respect boggles the mind. Go "Google" motivation and you will get about 154,000,000 hits. The likelihood that you or I will come up with something completely new is marginal.

20. Don't obsess. Once you have taken corrective action, give your action time to have an impact. If you do not follow this tip, the problem will no longer be about someone else.

It will be about you. For years, I have taught the following guideline. "Q-TIP".

Q = quit.T = taking.I = it.

P = personally.


By: Reg Adkins


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