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The Joys of Sorrow

"Participate joyfully in the sorrows of the world.We cannot cure the world of sorrows,.but we can choose to live in joy." .- Joseph Campbell.One of the greatest paradoxes of all times.

"The Joys of Sorrow!" How can sorrow be joyful? If it was joyful, it would never have been named sorrow! I know, Im confusing you. But sorrow is joyful too?.Consider life as a Piano? The white keys as happy moments? The black keys as unhappy ones? But remember, the black keys produce music too!.But don't take all black for sorrow! After all, an elephant, or a black cat, have their good moments too ;) .Life would be beautiful without sorrow.

But, if so, we lose the excitement of each emotional upheal. Would you like to play a game with no challenges in it? What fun is there in tightrope walking, without a risk of falling.So dear peace lover, enjoy your life, take sorrowful moments in the stride, forget all worries, be happy, support a peaceful world? One last word, remember what Sree Krishna said to Arjuna :.


Whatever that happened, is for the good?.Whatever is happening is also for the good?.And whatever is to happen, will also be for the good?


I'm Mohan K. the webmaster of http://www.blogforpeace.

org I'm interested in World Peace, and I intend to bring about my interest in a grand sort of way. I hope that each of you will help me in my initiative.

By: Mohan K


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