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The Fourth Down The Perfect EarthShattering Kiss

The perfect kiss will help lock you in with the man or woman of your dreams and will put you down in his / her memory banks forever! But, how do you achieve the perfect kiss? Each person has different feelings about the way they like to be kissed. A general rule for the first kiss is to be soft and brush his / her lips gently, without thrusting your tongue into your partner's mouth as if you were playing tonsil hockey.Once you are in a relationship, go outside your comfort zone and ask your partner what he / she thinks would be the perfect kiss. For many women and men as well, it's important to set the mood for the perfect kiss. While rushing your loved one into a heated kiss when you first walk in the door after work can be very stimulating and arousing, using this method every time may cause your partner to withdraw.

Have you ever noticed your partner starting to avoid kissing you in little ways? Maybe, you reach for a kiss and he / she turns her cheek. Or when you move in for the kiss, your partner ducks under you and makes up some excuse, like he / she hears someone at the door. Or perhaps when you are both in bed, your partner pretends to be asleep before your goodnight kiss.If you find yourself in any one of these types of situations, here are a few tips to help you: First, you need to set the mood. Whether that means taking your arms, wrapping them around your partner and gazing into his / her eyes for even a brief time, putting on music that you both love and cuddling on the couch or dancing in the living room, just do it.

Once the mood is set, gently take your partner's face into your hands, using one of them to gently run your fingers through his / her hair lovingly then softly kiss the surface of his / her lips, not seeking anything deeper.Once you have reached that moment, gently pull away to gaze into your partner's eyes again for a brief moment, before you venture to the lips again. Next, gently rest your lips again on your partner's, slowly taking them between yours in a soft sucking motion. Do this for a short of time before you proceed to the next step. Remember, whatever you do, don't just thrust your tongue into your partner's mouth upon first touch. Once you have achieved a massaging of his / her lips for a few minutes, gently glide your tongue into your partner's mouth, letting it play with his/ her tongue as if the two were dancing together.

Every so often (but not overdoing it), thrust your tongue deep into your partner's mouth and then gently pull away to again mingle with his / her tongue. This move can be a very sexy and intoxicating move when used correctly and during the right moment in the kiss. Don't keep your tongue in your partner's mouth for the entire time. Keep changing positions in the way your hold him / her, caressing your partner's backside without making it a sexual overture and moving back and forth from dancing with his / her tongue to massaging his / her lips.Caress your partner's hair again, cradle him / her in your arms while you are gazing into your partner's eyes and then begin the kiss again.

Once you get the hang of this, again ask your partner what he / she likes and doesn't like. Kissing is an art and each individual person has different preferences.

.Jaci Rae's grit and determination brought her from a poor childhood to a successful singer and performer who tours around the world.

She is the recipient of the "Female Vocalist of the Year" award at the Golden Music Awards in Nashville, as well as a Barnes and Noble and Amazon #1 Best seller.She is the author of The Indie Guide to Music, Marketing and Money, as well as Winning Points With The Woman In Your Life One Touchdown At A Time. Jaci lives in California where she spends her spare time working on her music, writing and hanging out with family and friends. For more information, go to http://www.jacirae.com or http://www.

winningromance.com.About.com Dating Guide has just put Jaci's book, Winning Points With The Woman In Your Life One Touchdown At A Time in the top six of all time dating / relationship books.http://dating.

about.com/od/datingadvice/ss/RelateBooks_6.htm.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.



By: Jaci Rae


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