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The Courage to Change Your Life

Last year my father had a triple bypass. By all assessments he should have died. But he did not. A heart that had literally been energetically shut down for most of his life opened up & began to heal. It was truly miraculous to see him find love and joy in his life again.

In the past 2 weeks we found him in the hospital again. While he laughed & joked, my mother prayed. The polyp they found was indeed cancerous.

It was removed and the doctors gave him a clean bill of health. His doctor reminded him to live his life with joy & gratitude because he is truly blessed to still be alive. Had it not been detected now he would have been serious peril a few months down the road.

These situations led me to question what the central ingredient would be for change in a persons' life. When confronted with a life changing event or a life altering decision, what makes a person change? Is there one central point of change that occurs? Energetically, spiritually, what shifts?.Reflecting on the past years events with my fathers' health has taught me a great deal about the powerful force of COURAGE coupled with FORGIVENESS. Being courageous has been the factor that has literally flipped the switch in his life. It brings introspection, forgiveness, acceptance and a form of release. In such a dramatic set of circumstances it's easy to see.

For the individual who is making choices each day the principle is the same. When you think about professional athletes and successful individuals most of them will tell you that they did what they did & have gained success by making a courageous choice or taking a courageous step. They make a choice or motion that goes against the grain. They think and look outside "the box" ? which is to say, they look beyond their own limitations and fears.

They are literally moving their vibration level UP & OVER with this feat ? this creates change.Did you know that vibrations levels have actually been calibrated with a logarithmic scale of 1 ? 1,000? The higher the energetic vibration level, the higher the logarithm number. The lower the energetic vibration level, the lower the logarithm number. Higher levels are associated with bliss, forgiveness, trust, compassion & hope. These would be vibrations above 200.

Anything below 200 corresponds to low vibration emotions such as anger, pride, guilt, hate, scorn & regret.The break point is 200. What is a 200 vibration level? COURAGE! Yes, this is exactly where the "Map of Consciousness" (Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior by Dr. D.

Hawkins) splits from low level, energy drains to high level, life changing movement. Courage comes first ? even before forgiveness. Before you can even enter into forgiveness you must have the strength, the courage, to ask for forgiveness. It is the first step to change no matter if you need forgiveness (including dispelling your own fears) or simply asking the help of another human being.Forgiveness is an introspective process first.

Most humans are first & foremost their most fierce critics. Internal forgiveness for our shortcomings and failings is a critical step. To do this, we must be courageous enough to look within.Practical Examples: o How many times have you been afraid to interview for a job because you were intimidated? o Have you ever been in a situation where you feel guilt for something you've done or said? o How about a time when you harbored deep seeded resentment or anger towards someone?.Well, my friends, all these things: fear, intimidation, guilt, anger & resentment are all low level vibrations.

To move your energy, and the folks that may be involved in your energetic web, you would need to have the courage to say "No, I'm not going to do this anymore!" or simply "I'm sorry" & move forward into the higher vibration levels of love, acceptance, reason, trust, bliss, forgiveness and illumination.Today's Challenge:.o Is there an area of your life where you're operating in low level vibrations? o Do you have the courage to change this situation? o Will you make the choice to live a COURAGEOUS LIFE by living beyond your self imposed fears?.

.Maria is a Holistic Health Counselor specializing in Energy Therapy.

By: Maria Gamb


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