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Spiritual Warfare

Because we are so busy with such important matters as overfill our waking hours, the wisest among us have taken time out to teach the rest of us what to do with our time out when we decide to take some. But then we always have better plans for any free time, I'm sure. This allows the weak and fearful to rule the world while the media reports on the violence and regression. We are left to wonder what will be next on the global stage.

It is easy for us to subscribe to the accidental theory of history; summarized as stuff happens. Yeah, stuff happens ? just like your weekly paycheck. Take a long vacation and see how long that continues to happen.Is anybody making money in or because of Iraq? Will they be glad when it's over? Will they be ruined by peace? Or will they simply suffer smaller profits? Or will they just move on to the next crisis - or create it? Let us all suffer peace profits.

If you or I rule the world and outlaw war, we can be sure we will be martyred in short order, so there seems to be no point in backing away from our busyness. On the other hand, if each of us just backed off for thirty to sixty minutes each day in a joint effort to create peace - and we amount to a few million souls around the world; it will require global destruction to martyr us all. This becomes pointless to the weak and fearful for they need someone to rule over.

Therefore, in our current circumstance, our easily accessible power lies in our spiritual practice and our numbers. How many of us will devote an hour or less each day to a global effort? Only those of us who understand spiritual power and authority? Perhaps all of us and those who would merely like to believe enough to spend the time and develop a daily spiritual practice - if only to see what happens. Adventurers.

We could become so many in such short time if we were not such die hard skeptics. It'll never work. It never worked before. I only ask when it was last tried.We can daily pray for and bless the puppets we call leaders until the cows come home and see very little progress.

But once we acknowledge they are the puppets of those who buy elections, we can begin blessing and praying for the puppet masters. We need not know their names. Wisdom is the principle thing. Wisdom is the world's greatest need. If the people with all the economic and military power were wise, we would have peace on earth. When you create just a little more peace in your own life and I in mine, the world becomes a more peaceful place.

When we are at peace, in and with our busy, harried selves we become part of the solution, while we are yet part of the problem. We can call this progress and we can call ourselves progressive. Even if the regressives make progressive a dirty word, there will be no cause to hang our heads. We will be winning the war on regression.

We will be winning the spiritual war.When we are at peace in and with ourselves, if only for thirty minutes, we can send wisdom to all regressives everywhere, but especially to the mega profiteers who make war, not love. Who are devoid of compassion and caring.

We can do this even without having great wisdom ourselves. There is enough wisdom in desiring that others possess it. While sending wisdom, we can as easily send compassion and caring, which is the first result of wisdom in any case.

While we are at it we can acquire wisdom for ourselves and loved ones. It is only a matter of intention and desire. I leave you with just one question: Is wisdom and world peace worth any of your time?.

.Ed Howes sought and found, knocked and entered. Now he sees things differently. To see more of what he sees, please visit http://www.justanotherview.

com or do an author search here at Ezine Articles.

By: Ed Howes


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