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Seven Keys to Learn from the Great Explorers Part of

Sometimes when you try to cope with your daily problems you wonder how on Earth someone can face so many problems and still keep going. You could think everyday represent a complete set of challenges. You feel you don't have the energy and the skills to confront this uncertainty. I help you to learn how great explorers prepared.

Great explorers give us the advantages of learn from their experiences. They dreamed and envisioned adventures and marvels. Thus, what really makes a different is they got them? That is the main reason to learn from them. The reading of The Exploration of the Future of Edward Cornish inspired me to write this article.Only you have the power to go into ACTION, take advantage of this knowledge and make permanent changes to improve your life.

You are not alone never more. I walked the same paths and I am a success. You can take me with you.

We'll walk together. Step to step.Do I have your attention now?.Let's me introduce the first key.

Key 1. Prepare for what you will face in the future.Are you prepared for what you will face in the future?.Most of us are not. Future is something unpredictable to most people.Great explores prepare for what them will face in the future.

How are you preparing for what you could face in the future?.Do you have a clear vision of what our future could be?.Preparation is a MUST.

As much you invest on your preparation you will have more chances to success.So to defy the odds, prepare yourself to what you will face in the future.How much time do you dedicate each day to predict your day or your week, or your year?.Key 2.

Anticipate future needs.Great explorers invest time on thinking about what future could they face. They envision the path, the issues, the problems are likely to find on their ways.

How much time do you dedicate each day to anticipate your day or your week, or your year?.Do you use to prepare your holidays? Do you anticipate what could you need on your trip? If your answer is YES, why in hell you are not doing the same to live a better life?."Our business with the future is to improve it, not to predict it" E. Cornish.Key 3. Use poor information when necessary.

Are you one of those who need to have all the information available to take action?.How many times have you procrastinate taking a lack of information as excuse?.I will tell you a secret.

You never have all the information about anything.You MUST act with the information available. You are dealing with a certain level of uncertainty.

We don't need to know everything about future. Most of what will happen is not important to us. Thus, there is a small portion, which is important and is accessible.Not only great explorers do.

Intelligence analysts do as well. They must deal with poor information to decide the best path of action.Key 4. Expect the unexpected.

The unexpected is not necessarily bad.Surprise is almost a need. Tony Robbins said Variety is a human need.You know that the unexpected can be scary.

We all have some bad feelings about be waiting and don't know what is going on.Great explorers prepare for every thing could happen, even the unexpected. Future studies call it the Wild Cart.

Are you considering the Wild Carts on your future planning? Do you have a future planning?.Things happen for a reason. Sometimes cost us a fortune to discover the reason. Sometimes is not worth it to invest on discovering the reason.For whatever reason you have to face the unexpected, be prepare to it.

To know about Keys 5, 6 and 7. Go to Seven keys to learn from the great explorers. Part 2 of 2.

.Fernando Manzano (http://www.growandwin.

com) is committed to improve your life and your personal growth. Fernando is teaching to hundreds how to take control over life and get financial freedom. Now you can learn from the master.

Author of several articles about personal growth and how to make your life simple, fun & efficient and the book "What you should know going into a Coaching Process", coming soon. He will put you on ACTION. (http://www.growandwin.com).

By: Fernando Manzano


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