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Self Care On The Run

There is one simple answer: Breathing. It's more of a survival tool than you think.I know you already breathe, however the breathing I'm talking about is conscious breathing. Conscious breathing is when you place your attention on breathing while you're breathing. It is interesting that when you pay attention to breathing while actually breathing, your breath automatically becomes slower and deeper. Try it right now.

Take three deep breaths, inhaling deeply, and exhaling fully. Go on, try it. Do you feel more relaxed? Did you exhale more on your last breath than you did on the first? Did your thoughts slow down? Did you become more present in the moment? These are just a few of the benefits of conscious breathing.Conscious breathing is an excellent way to care for yourself while on the run. Most people's normal breathing pattern is shallow and uses a very small upper portion of the lung's capacity. When you are feeling anxious, your breath can become quick and shallow; your body goes into "flight or fight" response.

You may even catch yourself holding your breath in tense moments. When you don't exhale fully you build up carbon monoxide in your lungs which acts as an anesthetic and can actually make you more lethargic and tired. When you consciously breathe, take notice how your lungs expand and how much oxygen you take in. Your breathing is a reflection of the pace of your energy.

Your body has a physiological response to your breath. You can slow down your racing mind by slowing down your breath. Chemicals in your brain become more balanced, the level of oxygen in your cells rises and your pulse rate slows down; all of which are a direct result of your breathing. Your body will welcome the oxygen and reward you with clearer thinking. The cells of your body will get the food they need to reproduce healthy cells. You will be better prepared to handle stress when it happens.

The benefits of conscious breathing for your body, mind, and Spirit are endless. Conscious breathing is the ultimate in self-care.Begin a new regiment of self-care by creating the habit of consciously breathing into your day. Conscious breathing can be done anywhere, anytime and can easily fit into your busy schedule.

The next time you're sitting at a traffic light, take a few conscious breaths. While you're waiting for the children to get out of school, consciously breathe. When you hit the start button on the microwave, stand there for a few minutes and consciously breathe. Consciously breathe while you're in the shower.

Discover what works for you. Celebrate your ability to practice self-care by setting a new pace for your busy life with conscious breathing. Your body, mind and Spirit will enjoy the benefits!.

.Sharon Marquart is a gifted Certified Personal Coach, inspirational speaker and author. For more than 13 years she has share with audiences large and small. http://www.Livingatyes.

com She is the author of "Working For God," "Living With Soulful Purpose," and "Creating A Wedding Ministry." Her coaching practice is Living at YES!(You Embracing Spirit) where she passionately supports clients in identifying mistaken beliefs and self-limiting thoughts. She coaches them in getting unstuck, setting intentions and living possibilities! Sharon teaches via tele-classes and facilitates tele-groups and e-courses.

Her coaching clients are nationwide. Sharon is committed to bringing Metaphysical and Spiritual Truths into everyday language and applying them to everyday life experiences. Sharon is the Director of Spiritual Coaching at the Coaching Academy of North America http://www.

spiritualcoachingtraining.com. .Article Source: http://EzineArticles.



By: Sharon Marquart


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