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Relationship Commitment

Relationship commitment. A lifelong goal for some, and others, a thought that puts shivers down their spine. While many would love to settle down and grow closer to someone over a period of years, the thrill of the chase is much more satisfying for everyone else.Growing up, meeting someone, and getting married is a natural progression for most of the population.

Albeit a dwindling past time now in the twenty first century. Marriage is becoming less popular while divorce rates increase periodically. Looking for Mr or Mrs right, finding them, and settling down, and bring up a family is a fantastically rewarding experience.Meeting the right person is a must for this to be a lifelong enjoyable experience. Does the person want the same things out of life, and will they be willing to go that extra mile to get them.

Are they genuine in everything they say? Trust is a major factor in any relationship. When someone says "I love you", they have to mean it. No relationship can be a long term happy affair if one of you doesn't mean this when they say it.The relationship doesn't have to be based on a contract, you just need the spark to be sustained throughout.

It has to stay as fresh as the first few weeks or months. If boredom has a chance of setting in, that's when the relationship can break down. Keep the romance alive, continue to do the things that you do in the early days of your relationship. Leave little notes for your partner, and bring a gift when you arrive home from work.If problems occur they have to be discussed as soon as possible.

Letting something brew for a period of time will only magnify it. The sooner a problem is talked about the more chance you have of getting it resolved, then the relationship can continue.Relationship commitment is a journey that will have it's ups and downs, and many rewards at the same time. Nothing can be more satisfying than raising a family, and growing old with a loving partner. This is something the thrill chasers will surely miss out on, either by never committing to anything, or giving up just when it starts to serious.

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By: Jason King


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