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Recent Solar Activity Was Not Caused By Space Weather

One of the largest Gamma Bursts ever detected came hurling our way recently and in fact we saw Auroras on Mars from it. Now that the Sun is totally quiet we are told that this in now guaranteed to be a Solar Minimum, yet, we were told that 2-years ago remember? I therefore have to question the comments from researchers, theorists and scientists on this whole Solar Cycle Theory. In fact I would like to go out on a limb and say I think that the scientists are all wrong.

And I would ask those scientists who think they know our Sun so well, if they have actually ever been there? Because from what I see their data is skewed and irrelevant and shows no real discernable or predictable patterns which can be proved either by geological findings of past periods on Earth, ancient historical writings or even recent recorded scientific data sets.So then, what if the recent Gamma Burst from far outside our solar system has caused our Sun to chill out for a second or two (few months) and it all of a sudden heats up with Sun Spots and Solar Flares in summer again like during last years Hurricane Season? Then what? What will the scientists then say if that potential eventuality comes true? Hmm? Sometimes it seems that scientists are too quick to make theory out of linear data and do not understand all the inter-related cycles and events. I wish someone could give all of us Sun Watchers a better explanation, because what we have been told, goes against actual observation. Consider all this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow


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