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Quiz Yourself Are You A Heart Or A Head

Human beings are emotional animals. At the same time we analyze and think with our head. In any given situation, heart or head does not always guide our response. It may be both heart and head that determine our response. For example, you may find one of your co-workers making major blunders. You will not complain about him/her to senior management without considering the emotional break down that may be suffered by him/her if the senior management sacks them.

Your heart will add its compassion to your logic and you will decide accordingly.All of us don't react similarly in a given situation. Some of us are emotional animals while some of us are prominently analytical thinkers.

When you read biographies of some of the greatest historical figure, you will find that they had a good mix of both heart and head, except few brutal ones who only thought with head and had no heart.What is your mix? Are you more of heart or head? Please quiz yourself about this. Are you driven by cold logic or your heart makes you act in most of the situations? Please find that out. Observe your responses in different situations and think about your response. You will find out if your heart directed you more or your head? Sometimes, those who are heart directed need to act with their head or they may get cheated with false sob stories. Similarly those who are head guided need to have more heart in their decisions otherwise they will never enjoy their life and they will always be guided by brutal logic.

Quiz yourself about your natural tendency and bring a fine balance in life.

.CDMohatta writes for Personality Tests and Quizzes, Friendship Tests and Quizzes and Health Tests and Quizzes .

By: CD Mohatta


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