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Organize Your Computer Desk and Smile

Does your computer desk have pencils and pens strewn all over it? Did you ever wish you had something in which to neatly organize your pens and pencils? If you answered yes to these questions, read on.I found after years of clutter on top of my computer desk that I could not work that way any more. I discovered a simple three drawer small plastic file that works great. It sits on the corner of my computer desk and hardly takes up any space. It is handy to reach into at anytime and find what I want.

I put my pens and pencils in one drawer. I place my highlighters in another and in the third drawer miscellaneous items such as; tape, scissors and staples.I know this sound like such a simple thing but to be truthful I never did think of it until lately.

I have always had computer desks that had deep drawers or did not have any drawers at all.I really like this arrangement because I can actually find what I am looking for.If this sounds good to you, try it. The plastic files come in different sizes and it can hold all kinds of numerous items. Maybe you need a drawer for other reasons I say go for it.

I am only trying to say that the more organized you are the better you will function in your work.Thank you very much for reading my article. Please check out my other articles I would love to hear from you.Copyright 2006 Linda Meckler.

.Linda is the author of her first adventure book, "Ghost Kids Trilogy," Christy, 12 and her Brother Brad, 16 moves into an old house on top of a mountain and meet two Ghost Kids. Become involved with all the characters and all the adventure and mystery.

Then we have a mysterious, magical Blue Vase where Uncle Charlie the villain is trapped.Take a walk with Christy and Brad down a dark hall hunting for Pirates" Treasure. You will think were you there right there with them.

Love, Family Values and Charity burst off the pages.Check out my website http://www.lmeckler.com.If you like camping, are wheelchair/ bed confined or can't sit on a toilet try my product, "Instant Bladder Relief Urinal.

check out my website http://lmeckler.com.

By: Linda Meckler


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