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Open Up to Your Possibilities

Day to day responsibilities and To Do Lists often keep us busy and focused on the task at hand. Very often we become so focused on what needs to get done, we miss out on all of the possibilities for new ways of doing and being. As a result, we become unduly stressed, frustrated, and/or dissatisfied with our current state of affairs. While we are in the throws of getting things done, we aren't really aware of these restless feelings.

It is when we are in the car on the way to the grocery store, in the shower thinking about the day ahead, or in bed ready to fall asleep that we begin to pay attention to our need for something more.As human beings, we have an inherent need to grow and improve ourselves. It is up to us to pay attention to our restlessness or our stress levels, for these feelings are really a calling. They are calling us to a greater awareness, and this awareness leads us towards action.

So many people feel stuck in their current situation. They know that they want and need to grow, but they do not know where to start or how to get off the treadmill of their daily experience.One client described her day:.Every day, I get up at 5:30 am, take a shower, get dressed, and make breakfast and lunch for the family. Once I have gotten the kids settled, my husband comes down while I finish getting ready. Once the kids are dropped off, I go to work.

After work it is the same routine. Pick up the kids from after care, make a snack, then get homework and dinner started. When my husband comes home about an hour later, he takes over and I go to the gym. By the night's end, we are both exhausted, get into bed and fall right to sleep.This client's goal centered around bringing more consciousness and joy to her daily life as a means of getting off of "her treadmill".

With a little awareness and some alone time, this mother of three was able to shift her focus to the possibilities. By widening her scope, she realized that she did not need to engage in the same routine day after day. Furthermore, she took action and experienced results.

Due to our gift of consciousness, we have the ability to evaluate our current situation; to determine what is working and what is not working. We have ability to ask ourselves questions such as: what do I want, how can things become different, what can I do to increase the happiness and joy in my life, where do I want to go from here, what do I want to accomplish, what's next? By asking ourselves these kinds of questions, we are setting into motion a new effort toward growth and improvement.At times, the only thing that matters is taking some kind of action It is important to take that first step to getting unstuck and moving in the direction of a greater sense of fulfillment.

During this process, we must be aware of personal blocks - the obstacles that we see, think and feel which serve to deter our efforts to open ourselves up to the possibilities before us. For example, fear is the number one reason why we don't make the changes we need to make. Fear sabotages our efforts. It purposefully gets in the way.

It distracts us from our goal, and then, it says "I Told You So" when things do not work out according to your plan and expectation. In addition, lack of patience deters us from getting to where we want to go. We live in a world of instant gratification. Being patient is very difficult. We try something new for a couple of days, and when we do not get the results that we want within that short time period, we become discouraged and give up.

Perseverance, patience, and believing in oneself is necessary for growth and self improvement. By cultivating these qualities, the possibilities become endless. Even obstacles can be seen as opportunities. As a result, your belief system becomes fortified with all of the empowering thoughts that help you make things happen.

For more information and simple solutions on how to open yourself up to the possibilities, go to www.simplycoaching.net.

.Peggy Tsatsoulis, MA CAGS- is a highly sought after Professional Life Coach and Certified Psychologist with over ten years of experience. She has been dedicated to working with individuals to improve the quality of their lives, and her focus has been on bringing out the best in others. For more information and resources, or to sign up for a free e-course and/or consultation please visit http://www.


By: Peggy Tsatsoulis


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