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More People Coming to the US Because they Expect Amnesty

Are you aware that there has been an increase in the legal aliens crossing over the Mexican border since United States of America has stated that it wants to make people who are already here legal? Indeed, it does make sense that if we are to provide some sort of amnesty program, regardless of what you actually call it, that others would see this is an opportunity to get on board and become citizens of United States of America.It is rather interesting that all these protests, and marchers have actually spurred on more illegal aliens to crossover into United States. It appears we are being invaded and the Mexican Government and Mexico's president Vincent Fox is encouraging people to come here to work and send money back to their families. In fact Mexico over last two years has had 12 percent growth and that money is coming from United States of America.Every Friday people line up at the Western Union Stores and these people are Mexicans and people from other Latin American countries and they are sending money back to their families in those countries from their labor in the United States. Some estimate the amount of money being sent back at $15 billion per quarter, which is a huge amount of money flow.

Perhaps the United States needs to pay more attention to its money flows and the legal immigration problem than some of the other non-crisis events we hear about in our news. The amnesty will not work and the promotion of amnesty only spurs on more people to illegally come to our nation. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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