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Lance Rants on the Challenges Israel Faces with a Nuclear Iran with Weapons

Well a nuclear Iran is not a good thing for the region and it is not a good thing for Israel in the middle of their own political changes there. As far as Israel in the Middle East in the present period, indeed they are the odd man out in the region, yet every nation has a right to defend itself, do you deny that?.If Iran promises to blow Israel off the map and buys fast movers (missiles from china) to do that and enough to over whelm their new THEL missile defense system, then they must be bold as they were against Iraq when the French were helping them with nuclear power and uranium enrichment potential uses.

It is not the United States job to negotiate with International Terrorist organizations like Hamas in the Palestinian area of Jordan often called the Palestinian Territory; if I were Israel I would extend the border and move them all out of there. It is not the US's job to attempt to negotiate with radical regimes like those running Iran now, who also fund Hezbollah and have threaten if we strike their nuclear capacity research underground facilities they will use international terrorists to strike a US City. No go.They are pushing too hard and the rhetoric and threats are not acceptable it is time to act. They either back track or we make more history in the region.

This is a serious problem and we are about to be caught in a much bigger one if Iran will not give up its nuclear weapons making. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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