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It Is Not Fair Why Have I Got This Health Problem

This article is about health problems and how some people let these problems get them down too easily. By thinking in a more positive way they are more likely to see a positive outcome. I hope you enjoy the read.I once had a neighbour who was about sixty-five. She was such a negative person, very rarely smiled and seemed to moan about almost everything. Her name was Nancy.

When I first moved to this particular area, I tried to make friends with the people who lived close to me. When I first met Nancy she kept saying how ill she felt and about how her back was playing her up. I went away from this meeting feeling quite sorry for Nancy.Around two weeks later I bumped into Nancy again. I asked her in a very positive and upbeat way, how she was. I wish I had not bothered as I then had to listen to all of her problems.

She did not have one happy thing to say. Over the next few years of living by Nancy, I actually went out of my way to avoid her.I have to admit that I also used to feel sorry for myself. I grew up with a speech impediment known as a stutter.

I often used to wonder as to why I was given this problem. It did not seem fair to me as I believed I was a really nice person. I would often think as to why god had not given Craig the impediment as he was a nasty piece of work.I lived with the stutter until the age of twenty-two and then began to have a change of attitude. Instead of looking at people who I thought were more fortunate than myself, I started to read and hear about people who were far less fortunate. By watching the news on the television, I saw some images and heard stories from other countries which made me realise how stupid I had been.

I may have had a stutter but compared to other people in the world I am very fortunate.When people ask me how I am, I always give a positive answer even if I feel terrible. I try and walk around with a smile on my face and am now living life to the full.

I have also managed to overcome that horrible stutter.People like Nancy could do with having the same change in attitude and they may find they have more visitors to their house and that some of their ailments disappear.

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By: Steve Hill


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