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Hurricane Preparedness for Pet Owners

As Hurricane season approaches it is important for pet owners to have a plan as to what they are going to do with their animals if they are asked to evacuate. Most hurricane shelters won't accept animals. Some pet owners will choose to stay in their homes with their animals.

After the disaster of Hurricane Katrina people should be aware of the dangers of being caught in their homes without the proper shelter and supplies. If you make a plan early there is no reason that you should have to stay in your home to take care of your pet.Try to find a relative that is further inland who would be willing to shelter your pet during a storm. You should also see if there is an animal shelter close to your home that is prepared to take in animals. Make arrangements early in the hurricane season because as a storm approaches these shelters will fill up quickly. Make sure to have a bag to go anywhere you have decided to shelter your pets.

In the kit should go any medications your pet needs and detailed directions for their how they are used. Make sure to allow enough time to get your pets to the shelter of your choice and to get you and your family to your shelter.If you have found a shelter that will allow you to bring your animals with you make sure to have the following items with you when you go. Food (Enough for at least two weeks). Medications.

Plastic bags for waste removal. Can opener (manual) for canned food. Familiar items and toys. Blankets or towels for warmth.

.Find out everything that you should know about hurricanes at http://my-hurricane-guide.


By: David Stone


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