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How To Be A Sexy Scintillating Sensational Date

Would you like to know how to be sexy, sensational, and the date that no one ever forgets? Believe it or not, you do not have to compromise your values or standards today to be a sexy, attractive date. You have three qualities to learn and absorb in this new age and you will be on your way to the social life of your dreams.In a new century, in what seems like a new world, a new dating consciousness has emerged.

It is true that some things never change. People today, as in yesterday, still have a longing to find their love, and still are vulnerable to having an aching broken heart. But who could have imagined relationships that empower to the degree that they can today, and a multitude of choices based on love rather than lack and fear?.

What does it mean to be a sexy, sensational date? Here are three qualities that will bring you not only more dates, but the chance to create a relationship that endures throughout all of time--no matter what the century.You will be sensational AND sexy if you:.*Take responsibility..The successful single of today knows that if you don't have what you want, you have to take the actions to get it. It isn't enough to sit at home alone and moan about how there isn't anyone out there to meet.

There are actually more singles to meet today than ever before in our history, and if you want to find one of them, you have to go out.over and over and over. If you are serious about meeting someone special, you have to raise the volume of the number of people you meet so you can increase your chances of finding The One for you.*Choose a positive life..Dating gets a lot easier with the discovery of the power of being a positive person.

In the new world of dating, singles don't have to be victims of negative thoughts or negative lives. They can find the help that will assist them in changing their thoughts, actions, and circumstances and they can learn to redirect their focus. They can change habits, friends, and behaviors that will help them achieve what they say they want. With this insight, they will know how to avoid toxic pools that sap their possibilities for happiness.*Tap into talent..

In this new age of dating, nothing is more attractive than someone who has found and uses his or her talent. Men and women today are drawn to accomplishment and the electric energy that comes from doing what you are good at. Talented people are very sexy.What does your dating world look like? If you think you are not as sexy and sensational as you want to be, there is hope.

Take responsibility, be positive, and find and utilize your talent. Right around the corner from these three qualities is the person who is waiting for you.

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tonjaweimer.com for more tips, skills, and insight on dating, relationships, singles, and love. Subscribe to our F*ree Savvy Dating Newsletter from master single's coach, life coach, and syndicated columnist, Tonja Weimer.Copyright 2006, Tonja Weimer.

(Please note source if reprinting this article.).

By: Tonja Weimer


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