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How To Approach And Talk To Women

Guys what happens to you when you see a pretty girl that you feel could be the one for you. Do you chock and not approach this girl. Do you feel that you're not in this girl's league or that maybe you don't have what she's looking for? Or maybe you're just afraid of rejection.

And just can bear another kick in the face. Well guy's I'll let you in on a little secret. Your not alone, you and nine out of ten guys in this world feel the same way.

Do you feel it would be so much easier to meet or even talk to a woman if maybe they had a sign on them that could tell you what they are looking for in a guy, or even if their looking for a guy at all. Well guess what? Almost all women out in this world today do where a sign that will let you know these things. You just have to know how to read those signs and forget about being afraid of making that step.As a guy I too had these same types of dilemmas that ninety percent of all men deal with. That is how do I make the first move or even what would be a good way to even make this move or approach this woman that I am interested in. Will she shoot me down or will she take an interest in me, and what I'm talking about or have to say.

Will she want to get to know me and give me the chance to show her that I'm not a bad guy?.Believe me I know how much effort and energy goes into the first approach. I have had my fair share of rejection and disappointments when it came to trying to meet that special person or just wanting to have some female companionship. I used to go to the same bar on every weekend for a year or so.

I would see the same girls all the time there. I would try to talk to them and they would want nothing to do with me. I could not for the life of me figure out why? I mean I'm not a bad looking guy. I had a good job so what gives.One day I was in this bar I frequented quit often just sitting there milking my drink like I always did, and boom in walks this guy.

He was just an average guy not great looking or anything like that. I watched this guy approach the very same girls that I approached, and I was dismayed at the type of response he got from these girls. These girls where actually taken by this guy. I sat there just getting really angry about this.

I watched this go on for a couple two three weeks. I literally watched this guy approach different women with almost the same response from every one of them. This guy was only shoot down twice that I seen, and it really didn't look like the type of rejection that I was used to.I made it a point to get to know this guy. Believe me I put a lot of effort into befriending this person because I had to know just what his secret was. To make a long story short I got to know Dave, and he did tell me his secret.

Turns out he had the same problem I was dealing with up until he came across this lesson guide he called it. This lesson guide was nothing more then a small book that was about how to pick up women. The book was about the little signs to look for. Things like if there are four women sitting together which one of the four to approach first to get the door open.

Along with other simple things like how to read the signs those women carry, and how to approach a woman so they don't feel like it's a come on or fell threatened.I got this little book and was amazed at the simple little things that I never paid attention to before. Things that if I would have known before I would have had a lot less doors slammed in my face. I have a lot of women friends now, and before I was married they where always trying to hook me up with there hot girl friends.

It's true what they say about knowledge is power.

.Robert Emler: All I can say is if it wasn't for the knowledge I got from this little book I would have never of met my wife. I probably would have signed up on every one of those types of web sites that are out there for meeting that special someone.

Who knows how that turns out. If you would like this little book that I was turned onto go to this site and look for the link HOW TO GET THE HOT CHICKS. http://stopprejac.com.

By: Robert Emler


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