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Flirting Body Language Recognise It Learn It Win More Dates

You know that flirting body language is key to being able to get dates. So let me to tell you how to:.1. Recognise some of the key flirting signs
2. Start to learn to use flirting body language yourself
3. Get more dates as a result.

Flirting Body Language ? Key Signs.Let's cut to the chase. What are the top 3 flirting signs?.

1. The hair flip
2. A room encompassing glance
3. A smile.

I want to keep this simple. There are lots more flirting signs, but if you're reading this you're probably pressed for time. So those are the top 3. Let me explain a bit more about them.The hair flip.

Difficult for me when I've got such short hair! And truly, mostly used by women ? after all it's women that initiate 75% of all dating encounters. It's a great combination of preening and self touching, both subconscious indicators of interest. You're chatting with a woman (or you are that woman) and they keep touching their hair. Running their fingers through it. Pushing it back over their ear or shoulder. Twisting it around a finger.

It's definitely a sign of interest. It isn't yet a signal that they're a sure thing in terms of getting a date, but it is the very best in non-verbal signs.The room encompassing glance is obviously used at distance - for when you haven't yet been introduced. Again, it's the woman that's most likely to be surveying the room. When her gaze lingers on you (or you linger your gaze on the man you're after) that momentary, slightly lingering pause of eye contact, is a key flirting sign.

Combine the above glance or gaze with a smile, and you have the most often used, classic, long distance flirting sign.Yes, there are lots more flirting signs. And it's definitely not just about knowing the signs themselves, but those are the top 3.Learn to Use Flirting Body Language Yourself.

Have you ever been guilty of reading something that you really wanted to learn about and then never put it into practice. Honestly, I still do it my self from time to time ? and I'm an expert in learning!.If I had the space in this article I could have given you 50 flirting signs ? but there's no point.

You aren't going to learn to flirt by reading about flirting signs. The only way you'll become good at flirting or reading other peoples' flirting body language is to practice. I know from experience that if I give you 50 signs to look for you'll be overwhelmed by it and much less likely to put what you learn into practice. And putting it into practice is the most important step of all in learning to flirt or become great at reading flirting signs.So here's an exercise to help you?.If you're a woman ? take the first sign, the hair flip and practice it.

In a mirror if that's easier for you. I know this sounds stupid, but if you don't naturally touch or flip your hair in conversation with men you like, you need to make it something that will come easily and naturally to you.Next, practice bringing it consciously to mind and touching your hair whenever you you're out with a man and you want to signal interest.

You'll need to be conscious about it at first, until you train yourself to do it naturally. It might sound easy on paper, but this is the bit that takes effort and persistence.Men ? you've got the easier job here.

But you still need to practice in the sense that you need to be able to spot this signal. Get out into a social situation. Observe some women flirting with other men and watch for this flirting signal. It may take you a few evenings of observing just to get confident with your ability to spot this sign quickly and easily.

When you are comfortable that you can easily pick up the signal in flirting situations that don't involve you, start to look out for women that are flirting with you.Flirting is a skill ? like driving a car. You can't just read a book on how to drive and then hop in and go. You'd almost certainly stall and you'd probably end up crashing. So don't expect to just read about flirting and be good at it ? it's never going to happen. Get out there and start practicing.

Get More Dates As A Result.Once you've practiced, and with just a few more signs than I've given you here, you'll be amazed at just how blatantly obvious people's flirting signs are and how easy it becomes for you to read and use flirting body language.More dates are bound to follow because you'll soon have the confidence to be able to either know that the person you're interested in is interested in you, or you'll be able to signal your interest in someone else without a word ever passing your lips.


Learn more REAL keys to success in flirting. Visit http://www.therelationshipgym.com/flirting_guide.htm and get the top 9 flirting signs and great exercises to turn your knowledge into a skill you can actually use to win those dates you want.

By: Michael Myerscough


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