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Fear Depletes Vitamins in the Brain Making You Stupid

Have you noticed what I have and that is that people are just getting stupid? I mean they seem to be running around in a daze? They have trouble carrying a thought or staying the bounds of reason and reality? I have theory on this and that is all the stress is getting to folks and the mass media hysteria is beginning to take its toll on people making them fear.We know that stress and fear depletes the vitamins in the human body and therefore the brain cannot function at optimum. If the brain is not getting all it needs to think straight then could this be why everyone is getting stupid these days? Just a thought?.You know I sure hope I am wrong on this, one scientist I talked to said oxygen content was slightly down and the body needs oxygen too, as well as the brain he told me. So I asked him what was causing this and he said President Bush and Global Warming? Now you see the problem, everyone is nuts, here this guy is a scientist and he is blaming stupidity of humans on Global Warming.

If indeed humans were causing climate change then it would humans cause Global Warming and not Global Warming causing human brain function decreases? You know I think everyone needs to go see a shrink? All I can see is humans who are getting more crazy and stupid each day? What on Earth is going on here? Consider this philosophical thought in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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