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Down Turn in Economy Coming

Over-regulation, taxation and mismanaged monetary flows are generally blamed for downward trends in the business cycle. Indeed it appears to be planned as bad decisions cost people their livelihoods. It seems the cycles are more than automatic, they are planned and indeed only happen when certain levers are pushed.

This is how you start a downward business cycle; start screwing over the small businesses, which employ 75% of the population. Screw with the tax structures and rapidly change policies too fast. Make investment too costly on money with higher interest rates or over regulation.

Happens every time, and every day we read more. SBA is under attack now too, as the United States Congress is reviewing it for more cuts and many are worried that the fall-out rates are too high. But is that really due to small business or the after disaster funds administered by the agency for a different purpose?.There are also lots of little new regulations on Biz Ops, Franchises, accounting, medical insurance, OSHA, etc.

You watch folks this is a planned hit on the US economy, things will tank in 6-months if no one starts re-aligning the game. You know before anyone argues with me, in advance let me ask you, how many business cycles have you lived thru? Folks I have seen the writing on the walls, why can't you? Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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