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Declaration of Childrens Rights

Nowadays we live in the world of democracy and equality of rights. This means that we all equal and have the same rights, which are protected by the governments and we are not allowed to violate or infringe upon the rights of each other. Adults know this and reside in the accordance with these concepts. If somebody tries to infringe on their rights they would defend themselves by means of physical strength, weapons and, of course, the laws and declaration of the human rights. But there exists the category of humans that is not able to do correspondingly to the case described above ? children.

Children must be those whose age is under eighteen at my opinion. Their inability is caused by their physical, moral and mental immaturity and that is why they need adults' help. Thereby in order to provide universal possession of equal rights we need to declare the rights of children apart and then include it in the common declaration of human rights.Correspondingly to my authorities I suggest to declare the following children's rights:.1.

All children must have equal rights and it must not depend on their race, color, religion, culture, gender, social status, likes and dislikes, viewpoints and opinions, physical, moral and mental abilities or disabilities and other kinds of personal characteristics.2. All children, from the moment of conception till the moment of their maturity, must have proper nutrition, hygiene, shelter, safety and any other kind of basic physiological needs provided.3. All children must have corresponding opportunities for self-expression, development of personal abilities, proper education and carrier growth. During the process of self-development, education, carrier growth and other processes children must be provided with adequate conditions, which can not constitute a menace for children in any ways such as harm for children's health (mental and physical), children's rights and abilities.

Children also must be put in conditions, which allow them to occupy their cell in the society.4. All children must have parents or at least tutors, which are responsible for the observance of children's rights described above and in case of violation of children's rights must bear personal amenability, provide all corresponding actions in order to defend the observation of children's rights by the external circumstances.Finally I want to draw a comprehensive conclusion about the declaration of children's rights.

This declaration provides the equal rights (physiological, civil and social) of the children despite of their personal characteristics; it provides personal responsibility of children's tutors or parents in the case of violation of this declaration. This declaration is one of the most important and essential steps towards the universal human rights' equality.

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