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Dating Todays Dangers

In this ever troubled world, dating is one of those things that is just not as safe as it was back in the good old days. If you're going to have any chance of getting out of your dating experience alive, you may want to read what follows.The dangers of dating, now with the Internet revolution, have taken on a new meaning. There are more pitfalls to going to the local soda shop than ever before. Being careful is not enough. You need to be educated as well.

But where do you get this education? It's not like there's a course you can take to teach you about dating dangers. Hopefully, these tips will give you some guidance.The biggest problem with dating today is actually finding somebody you can trust to go out with. There are a lot of unstable people walking around in this world. With all the influences of drugs and alcohol, you have really get to know somebody well before you even decide if you want to ask them out on a date, unless of course you like to live dangerously.Another problem today is AIDS.

It was bad enough when the only thing you had to worry about was VD. But now with this deadly disease going around, having casual sex with your date could be a death sentence, literally. And the worst part is, your potential date may not even know he or she has HIV as it can take up to seven years for it to show after initial sexual contact. If you're worried about this, ask your date straight out what his or her sexual experiences have been. If they're offended, too bad.

Better safe than sorry.Another problem with even finding dates is the ease of doing so on the Internet, a place where many predators hang out. You have to be extremely careful about meeting someone through an online dating service and should in no way even consider meeting somebody you meet in a chat room as this is where all the crazies hang out.Once you've actually found a date, with the world becoming a much more dangerous place, just finding a spot to take your date can be a chore, especially if you live in a city where there is a lot of crime. Just turn on the news and you'll hear about people innocently walking down the street getting shot for no apparent reason.

So when deciding where to take your date, try to find a place that you know for certain is safe.Another problem with dating is that many girls who are underage won't confide this to a guy, especially if she likes him. While this may in actuality be consensual, technically, if the guy is over age, this is statutory rape. So if you are a guy and you think your girl is younger than she looks, make sure. Ask her straight out.

Ask her what grade she's in. Do whatever you can to convince yourself that she is over age.Unfortunately, dating is not an easy thing to do. Finding somebody who is compatible is hard enough. With all these added dangers and pitfalls, it becomes a virtual nightmare.

.Michael Russell Your Independent guide to Dating.

By: Michael Russell


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