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Can We Stop Killer Bees

Killer Bees are now in the United States and they have been known to attack humans, animals and threaten the peace? Indeed there is something all to scary to humans when it comes to bee swarms, even experienced bee keepers know the power of these swarms and proceed with benevolence and caution, as to not provoke. Recently this concept of killer bees was discussed in an online think tank and one member stated;."Killer bees are working their way north from south America and cause more fear than actual deaths, but those few individuals with some talent in engineering need to do a few experiments with sound energy to see if there are specific amplitude, frequency and duration that would either disrupt the swarm signal or if we are lucky actually break wing structures, or mangle this 'dynamic sound structure' so the bees that swarm (or locusts, or any of a dozen similar damnable insects) die.".He is talking about stopping the killer bee swarms with sound waves to disrupt them, stop the swarm and even kill them if necessary! Interesting indeed, yet another think tank member states;."Yes, although the introduction of the African Killer Bees to the native North American Honey Bees is almost too late to stop as they are now in the US and moving through the States, which border Mexico.

The ability to control the bees thru use of such a device and set up sound walls to steer them might be a thought rather than killing them, although in putting up the walls the bees have the final choice to attempt to cross the sound wall and die or continue in the steering direction.".The conversation continues as Warren states; "It is now left to economics or politics or other influence to determine whether the technology is implemented or distributed, etc, etc. Not my concern.".Indeed, I fancy the information learned for use in aerodynamics of micro-air vehicles.

I believe the efficiencies to flight will help all mankind in transportation endeavors.Warren states; "I just want to see if there is a correlation between sound energy and crippling the flight characteristics of these swarming critters. It seems a worthy use of time and energy.".Indeed, it is definitely a worthy expenditure of money, time and brainpower.

But the question still remains can we stop a killer bee swarm? Do we want to and if we do, can we use sound waves to do it? Or not? Consider all this in 2006.

."Lance Winslow" - Online Think Tank forum board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; http://www.


By: Lance Winslow


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