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California Flooding Continues

With all the storms and flooding in California many are saying it is like an El Nino Season, but rather it is just the opposite. Charts are showing Pacific Ocean temperatures cooler than normal suggesting La Nina. Unfortunately for those living along Hurricane Alley on the Gulf Coast or along the East Coast this is not good news as La Nina means generally a more intense Hurricanes.Some might trade a few mudslides and heavy rainy season for a decreased Hurricane Season, but in this case no body wins.

We get the heavy rains in California with flooding and mudslides but no lucky break for a decreased Hurricane Season this time around.California has been hit by some pretty devastating wildfires in the last few years and since that brush and watershed was cleared out, there are many areas completely vulnerable to mudslides and severe flooding. It seems that this year we have seen a number of flood alerts in California and of course the TV News clips of raging muddy flood waters as well. Some say when will it all let up? The answer is never.

You see the Earth, weather and flows are constantly in motion and this year like any other is no exception. When you live on the surface of the Planet there will always be things to consider.


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