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Breakthrough System for Living Better Longer

Living better and longer is what all of us hope for. There is a simple strategy that will provide the action plan to fulfil your hope.Living better calls on you to change your outlook on life. You have to have an attitude to life change. You see the challenge many of us face is that we have no way of getting out from underneath a mountain of stress.One comment from a work team member caused me to take a fresh look at my own attitude to life.

He said that life was a box of chocolates.You can view them as either a "threat" or a "treat". In my big boy days - in years past -they were a "threat" as I faced the task of getting serious about my new fit boy image and healthy lifestyle.Today they are a "treat" because I can enjoy one without feeling the remorse of facing a box stuffed with empty wrappers. And wondering how I had so quickly consumed the lot. The worst feeling was the sudden loss of self-esteem because of my weakness.

You can learn a lot from looking at the difference between the "threat" and the "treat". It's just one letter "h" which for me stands for "how" you view them.Every negative event in life that threatens your self-esteem should be viewed like a box of chocolates.You can give yourself a pat on the back as you realize you can forgive yourself for the mistakes you've made. Then learn not to be trapped in a life of repeating them once you have your healthy lifestyle.

Your Breakthrough System for Living Better - Longer will serve you well as long as you live each day as a new experience where you feel good about yourself in all you do.Copyright 2006 Kenneth Little.


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By: Kenneth Little


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