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Basics Of Plus Size Clothing And Style

The fashion world is full of advice on what to do and what not to do, what to wear and what to leave on the hanger. The world of plus size fashion is no different. However, for as many useful tips that are out there, there is an equal number of myths.

Let us debunk a few of the myths surrounding plus fashion. The fashion tip that plus size women should not "show skin" is not at all acceptable. Why should plus size women cover as much of themselves as possible and hide in "fat clothes"? Zero in on your own favourite feature and go ahead and highlight it. For example if you have shapely legs, wear a short skirt or wear a V-neck to show off some sexy cleavage! One piece of fashion advice for plus sized women is to never bare your arms.

Although it has long been thought that sleeveless tops are not for larger ladies, this is completely untrue. It can be very flattering and sexy to bare a little skin yet if you feel uncomfortable doing so there are many things you can do to avoid this. A cute shawl or shrug draped over your shoulders, or a lace- or chiffon-sleeved shirt will cover your upper arms. So there are ways in which you can show your arms yet not bare too much flesh! Another common myth is that plus size women should never wear horizontal stripes. This is just plain silly.

Stripes, whether vertical diagonal or even horizontal, can be flattering. There are, however, a few rules regarding the placement of the stripes that are worth considering. If your hips are your widest point, then you should wear horizontal stripes on other parts of your body, such as your upper body or on your legs. Plus girls should stay away from bold prints.

Pay no attention to this myth! The effect of the print upon a plus-sized silhouette is determined by the spacing of the print. Look for prints with overlapping edges, not those whose major elements are widely spaced. Remember that bold and large-sized fabric designs will flatter you! Larger girls should try to avoid tight fitting clothing, at least that is what everyone is told. This is untrue, unless you are hoping to hide your figure from everyone.

No one, especially plus size girls, should be forced to wear nondescript piles of clothing that hang unflatteringly. By selecting clothing that fits your figure appropriately, you can make any outfit shine. A tighter, fitted tank top covered with a slightly looser jacket can be a staple of your wardrobe. Don't let everything cling your problem areas, but do let your positive features shine through.

Myth: Plus size women should avoid white clothes. Truth: Dark neutrals like navy, grey and black are slimming, but you can include other colors in your wardrobe too. Pair a dark color with white or a lighter color to focus attention on your assets. If you're pear-shaped, wear dark trousers with a sparkling white top or a pretty pastel blouse.

Plus sizes are not doomed to a closet full of darks. Let in the light! Wear pastels, bold primary colors and, yes, white too.

Andrea writes about Plus Size Clothing. Visit us for plus size deals on a Plus Size Dress


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