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Attract and Date Seduction Steps

There are a ton of different ways of seducing women. There all all kinds of teachers around too. Mysterymethod, Realsocialdynamics, The-Approach, Pickup101, Attractanddate, Neil Strauss 's method, Seduce and Conquer, Badboylifestyle. You have to find what really works for you.

I prefer being direct and teaching others to be the same. There is a sense of freedom when you are completely direct.The best steps to take.

Step # 1. ? Get Attention. This is crucial and not discussed elsewhere.Step # 2.

- Smile. Have fun, You'll look and feel better when you are smiling. Notice how well others look when they are smiling.Step # 3 ? Focus on her eyes.

This displays confidence and will allow you to focus on her not what's going on inside your head.Step # 4. ? Relax. Change your body position and you'll feel better .Step # 5. ? Have a conversation with her.

Lead her in your converstations. Get excited and talk with strong positive emotions.Step # 6. ? Move her from her environment. Change locations. Keeps things fun and exciting.

Step # 7. ? Open up and get to know her. Create Rapport.Step # 8. ? Go for a close. Instant date, Kiss, phone number.

Remember to have fun, and be yourself but be a confident self without all negative beliefs that are holding you back.

.Robert Torrey is one of the instructors for Attract and Date a company that teaches men dating confidence.http://www.


By: Robert Torrey


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