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Do Not Blame Me For Being Born In America - Some people in the world wish to blame Americans for their plight, but I say to you, do not blame me for being born in America.

Free Healthcare for Those Incarcerated in Prison - Is it fair for the taxpayer to pay healthcare costs of those in prison? Some liberals say it is and that if we did not it would be considered cruel and unusual? This very subject came up recently in an online think tank and one of the think tanker.

Music for Manifesting - Each week when I begin my workshops, I play a different song to emphasize the importance of music in our lives.

Stop Giving Yourself Permission To Fail - It?s a powerful statement isn?t it? Because who on earth would ever give themselves permission to fail? But, and I say this without any fear of contradiction, most people I meet give themselves permission to fail time and time again.

Porn In the Pews - Sexual perversions are invading our churches.

Recent Solar Activity Was Not Caused By Space Weather - One of the largest Gamma Bursts ever detected came hurling our way recently and in fact we saw Auroras on Mars from it.

Sex Secrets Exposed Common Questions About Your Penis - What is the average size of the penis and what are the extremes?.

Pets And Dating - Are you concerned about how to handle your pets and dating? Do you have pets you adore but are worried about how your future dates will react to them? What should you do to prepare for the issue of pets and dating?.

Tornado Hits Idaho Spuds Still Okay - We were driving through Hagerman, Idaho yesterday after visiting our grandkids in Seattle.

Help I Lost My Car - Do you ever lose your car in a parking lot be it immense or just large? Do you ever think how easy it would be if only the parking lots rows were numbered or lettered?.

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