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A New Approach to SelfImprovement

Are you frustrated with your business growth? Maybe you are focusing too much energy on improving on your weaknesses and not enough on your strengths. You made a list of your of your strengths and weaknesses. So naturally you focus on the weaknesses because you already have a good foundation from your strengths. You buy books, read articles, make a list of daily actions steps to improve those weaker areas in your business/personal growth. You set a goal and begin your journey down the road of improving on the weak areas of your life.

What happens next? You find that improvement is slow or even futile. You don't enjoy the time you spend working on your weakest links and you quit! Now you are discouraged and less likely to try again.Let's try another approach. What do you think would happen if you spent your time and energy focusing on your strengths? Yes, make your strengths even better. Let's face it, your strengths are not perfect and there is always room for improvement.

If you are good in the area of customer service, spend some time evaluating why that particular area is one of your strengths. Look for ways to improve and take action! You will be more motivated to stick with your plan of action and you will enjoy working your plan much more than when you focused on weaknesses. As you take daily action, you will see progress much sooner. Working on your strengths will help you develop healthy new habits, drop some old bad habits, and give you a positive new attitude.What will be the outcome of this new approach to self improvement? You will be operating within your strengths.

You will be happier with what you do, be more motivated to keep moving up and more enthusiastic about what you do. Improving on your strengths is a much more productive activity and it will make you better at what you do much quicker. Who knows you just might become the top income earner in your organization, get that promotion, or have a more successful business of your own.

.Tammy Pratt has been a stay-at-home mom since 1999,and started her first home-based business in 2005. She also assists her husband in the daily operations of two other businesses.


By: Tammy Pratt


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