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How To Make Your Own Candles

by Majorie Slaney

A lot of people love candles. Candles are used every day by many people for many different things. We think of candles when the power goes out, we put them on birthday cakes and we use them to add a fresh scent to our home. Candles can set the mood for a great occasion or a relaxing bubble bath. There are so many great things to do with candles.

However, if you have ever purchased candles, you know that they can be expensive. And you usually get what you pay for which means the cheap ones are not worth what you go through to buy one. Since the cheapest candles are not good and great candles can be expensive, you may be wondering if you have any other options. Well, guess what? You do! You can always make your own.

Making your own candles is not as hard as you may think and we’re going to tell you exactly how to do it. All you have to do is read on and get a couple supplies and you will be making your own hand dipped candles in no time.

Before you get started, you are going to need to make a trip to a craft supply shop to get some ingredients for your candles. The good news is that the supplies are simple and affordable. All you need is some paraffin wax and some wicks. Thenyou will also need coloring and scents of your choice. You also need a double boiler, a wooden spoon and a stove. A thermometer will also help you be sure the water is hot enough for your wax.

How to Make Candles:

1. Now that you have your supplies, you are ready to begin. Take your wax and break it up into small pieces.

2. Now boil the water in the double boiler and add the broken wax. Now use your thermometer and be sure the wax gets up to 160 degrees.

3. Stir the wax and add your color a little at a time until you achieve the desired color.

4. Now you should also add the scent if you are using one. Be sure the wax stays hot while you are stirring and adding.

5. Now cut your wicks the length you desire. Begin dipping the wick into the hot wax.

6. Pull your wick out and allow if to cool. Continue dipping and cooling until your candle is reaching the desired size.

7. Continue this until you dip for the final time and let the candle cool completely.

8. When it has completely cooled, you can cut away any extra wick and your candle is now ready to use.

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