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Decorating with Candles

Candles have an ability to reach something inside us in a way that few things in our modern world can. There is an emotional trigger to that small flame that enriches our lives. The following tips will help you display your candles to their best advantage.  

  1. Group candlesticks of different heights for more visual impact.
  2. Place a floral arrangement or gathered natural materials around candelabras, and candlesticks. Use this only with tall candle holders. For safety the candle socket must be well above the florals to keep them out of the flame zone.
  3. Votives - always burn motive in votive holders for best results. Votive holders are available in a wide variety of styles and colors, more elaborate ones are decorative elements without any additional work. A more elaborate arrangement can be made with multiple votives. Try arranging them around the bath, bedroom, or hot tub for a romantic mood setter. This works best with lots of votives.
  4. Large floating candles in the pool can really set the mood for your next party. Remove all flammable items from the pool and its edges first.
  5. Floating Candles - wax floats, and any candle wider than it is tall should float upright. A pedestal fruit bowl makes a beautiful container to display floating candles. Let some matching flower blossoms, or petals float with them. Floating candles always look best in multiples. Really shock your guests at your next party - put some floaters in the bath (only if no young kids are present).
  6. Group same color candles of varying shapes and sizes for an interesting effect.
  7. Choose a candle holder for its own style. Being able to burn candles in it is just an added benefit.
  8. Add some visual warmth to that unused fireplace in the summer by grouping some candles inside.
  9. Parties / Showers / Weddings - Use floating candles as table centerpieces. Themed candles make great favors.


Here are some tips for making your own candle holders and displays. Take care that any flammable materials used are out of the flame zone.
  1. Terra Cotta flower pots and saucers.
    • Plug hole with putty before using.
    • Can be decorated with paint, stucco, decoupage, etc...
    • Stack for interesting variations. Use clear silicone adhesive to bond together.
    • Interesting groupings can be made with different size pots.
  2. Large Saucers
    • Fill with Gravel or sand as a base for one or more candles. Fish tank gravel works well.
    • Add other objects to create a theme such as sand, driftwood, and seashells.
  3. Luminary Lantern
    • Drill a pattern of holes in a tin can.
    • Spray paint.
    • Looks great in the garden.

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