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There is often confusion among candle makers when discussing candles that they have seen. I have put this glossary of candle types together to help us all have a common language. The following is in alphabetical order.

Applique - These are made by applying items to the outer surface of a candle. There are many possibilities for this technique, such as 3D Applique, Cookie Cutter Applique, and Sculpted Applique.

Balloon - Candles formed by dipping a water filled balloon in hot wax.

Cake - Generally applies to candles that have been covered with whipped wax to give them a frosted look.

Chunk - Candles made with chunks of colored wax inside. Chunks may be cubed, irregular or shaped.

Container - A candle that is made in any type of container that is part of the finished candle (jars, tins, pots, etc...)

Cut n Carve - Also called Cut and Curl. These are dipped, then cut and formed while still soft.

Fire Starters - Although not candles, these are made with paraffin wax.

Floating - Candles designed to float in water.

Gel - Candles that resemble gelatin in substance. These are made with "gel" - not wax. There is no additive that can be added to paraffin to make this stuff. Very little information is available as of this writing on these.

Hurricane - Usually refers to a candle with embedded objects around the outside. May be dangerous if made with flammable objects.

Hurricane Shell - A hollow wax shell (with or without embedded objects) that a candle is placed inside of.

Ice - Lacy looking candles formed by adding ice to the mold.

Layered - Candles poured with two or more layers of wax (usually of different colors).

Money - Candles that have money placed in them.

Mottled - Typically refers to oil mottling which appears as small snowflakes in the wax.

Rustic - This term is used so broadly as to be useless. Everyone seems to have a different idea as to what rustic candles look like, so it is better just to offer a detailed description.

Sand - A candle molded in wet sand.

Snow - Similar process to sand candles, except molded in snow.

Taper - Tall narrow candles generally used at the dinner table. Typically hand dipped, these can also be molded.

Trinket - Candles that contain charms, stones, jewelry, or other small items.

Water - Candles made by forming the wax with water. There are many variations possible.

Wax Art - Candles made with precolored wax granules in a manner similar to sand art. More information available on Wax Art Candles.

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