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What's up with all this black stuff?

That would be soot. You need to trim the wick before you light a candle...each time! A candle wick should only be 1/4" when lit. This will help to prevent soot build up on the container. Don't forget that any flame will feed on oxygen. Keep your candles out of a draft (ceiling fans & open windows are the most common) and that will feed the flame leading to smoke from the wick. The smoke has to collect somewhere...what better than the rim of the jar.

You burned your what?

Do me a favor and remember that container candles get hot. Always put candles on a heat resistant surface. I've seen scorched tables, and melted TV tops, all from a candle that sat there a little too long.

Candles have memory?

That's right. When you burn a container candle for the first time, it remembers how far across the surface it melted. For best results let the entire surface liquefy before extinguishing. No one likes candle "hang up" (the wax left on the sides of the jar).

I bought all of these candles, now where do I put them?

Candles are best stored in the refrigerator. Simply store them in an airtight container and the scent will be as wonderful as when you first brought them home. Don't freeze them (they will break), but keep them cool.

How did you splatter wax all the way over there?

When it comes time to blow out that candle you've fallen in love with, remember to place a finger in front of your lips. This prevents a gust of air from splattering the wax pool when you blow.

What, your pillar is leaking? 

Don't you just hate it when you're burning a pillar and the next thing you know it's leaking all over your table? Then you spend the next 4 days trying to chip off the hardened wax...well here's the key to successfully burning a freestanding candle. As the candle begins to soften simply mold the outside layer of wax in toward the center of the candle. This allows the melted wax to pool inside the candle instead of on your table.

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