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General Candle Tips.

  • Never leave candles unattended. Always use proper holders. Watch out for small children and pets who might accidentally knock something over, or for candles that burn down too close to accessories or holders. (Votive candles will burn completely away).
  • Trim wicks to 1/4" for all candles except the 4" x 9" and the 6" x 8" pillars. Keeping the wicks trimmed, straight and centered will cause the candle to burn evenly.
  • Do not expose candles to direct sunlight. It may cause them to fade, or melt and lose their shape. It's best to store candles in a cool, dark, dry place when they aren't being used. Note: Putting candles in the refrigerator will help them burn slower and last longer - however, do not put them in the freezer because that might cause them to crack or break.
  • To prevent dripping make sure candles are on a flat and level surface, and keep them away from drafts. If you have candles lit inside a hurricane shade, snuff them out after a couple of hours as the heat that builds up might cause them to melt.
  • To avoid soot build up on your holders, (and possible breakage), keep the wick centered and trimmed to 1/4 inch. If necessary, the soot can be easily removed with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol.
  • Make sure to snuff out candles. If you blow them out, the wax can spray and cause burns or damage furniture. Blowing them out can also cause the wick to move and not be centered anymore, which affects how the candle will burn. Note: If you still choose to blow them out, do it by placing two fingers near the flame and blowing around them, which causes air to come from two sides and makes it less concentrated.
  • To help remove scratches and keep candles clean and shiny, rub them gently with mesh cloth (like nylons)

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