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Banana Shortage in India Blamed on GM Crops

Many people like Bananas and it is a favorite fruit of all upright walking Primates, including people. But some are complaining that Genetically Modified Bananas in India have completely taken over the natural evolution of the plant and many fear that without Bananas in their diets, the natural kind, that humans will be more susceptible to certain diseases. In fact these diseases have already been listed and many are worried that the natural ingredients of natural Bananas cannot easily be substituted and this will mean more potential deaths in many parts of the world such as India. But how did this happen?.

Well you see people like to buy fruit which is bigger, better, pretty and tastier therefore they were happier to buy the more perfect looking Bananas, which were more full, ripe looking a pleasing to the eye. Unfortunately in buying these Genetically Modified Bananas it caused more farmers to plant them and thus eventually the seeds ended up taking over the native Banana Plants too. Luckily it is not a completely bad thing yet as the disease that the Bananas, which are native help fight is not so common and there must be other plants, herbs or medicines which can also prevent it.

One thing this does show is that we must be wise when playing around with GM crops and be careful in our quest to feed the world of the potential side affects, which may occasionally occur. So consider this case study in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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